FacTrace Features

FacTrace is a abbreviation of artefact traceability. FacTrace has several modules that help from requirement gathering to software miniaturization. FacTrace aids in software engineers in different tasks, namely, requirement elicitation, requirement analysis, artefact traceability, software reusability, and most importantly for software miniaturization. FacTrace has user-friendly graphical interface to perform different tasks. Following sections give you a brief description of different features of FacTrace:

Project Management (In Progress – Online version)

FacTrace supports multiple project management. Each project can contain multiple datasets. For example, user can create miniaturization project and add email client and instant messenger datasets. FacTrace supports adding brief description of project. For example, project name and description. It supports adding, deleting, and exporting project details in CSV format.

User Management (In Progress – Online version)

FacTrace supports teamwork. User can divide work and assign it to different users. For example, if you are working on requirement elicitation, you can assign some requirements’ labelling work to user A and user B while requirement analysis to user C.

Customer / Requirement Prioritization (In progress - Online version)

FacTrace supports customer and requirement prioritization. User can assign different weights to customers or requirements for prioritization. FacTrace supports two weighting static and random. In static weighting, user can assign different weights to each customers or requirement. In random weighting, FacTrace automatically assign weights to users or requirements randomly.

Requirement Elicitation (Online + Desktop version)

FacTrace currently supports survey in English only to gather requirements. Users can write their requirement that will automatically be stored in database. Users can also upload their requirements in FacTrace specified XML format. FacTrace perform similarity analysis for all the elicited requirements. Similarity analysis helps users to see that if single customer or multiple customers wrote the same requirement twice. FacTrace supports exporting requirements into CSV and XML format.

Requirement Analysis (Online version)

FacTrace enables users to perform requirement analysis with easy mouse clicks. User can see all similar requirements and label them. User can write a label or simply click on a specific requirement; it will automatically be placed in text area to save user’s time. User can also categories each requirement as functional, non-functional, or outlier. User can categorize requirement as duplicate if user thinks the current requirement is somehow similar to other requirements in semantic. If any requirement is not been negotiated with customer, user can delete that requirement during requirement analysis.

Traceability Management (Online + Desktop version)

FacTrace aids in recovering traceability links between different software artefacts. For example, traceability links between requirements and source code. FacTrace allows users to create new links as well. It supports different level of granularity for creating traceability links. User can write description for each link and other identifiers specifications.

Traceability Links Voting system (Online version)

For avoiding biasness for traceability links, FacTrace supports voting system for each link. It supports up to 5 experts voting for each link. If three or more than three expert accepts a link, then a link will be considered as a valid link by FacTrace. Users can change their voting option at any time. All other experts’ voting is hidden to avoid biasness. Experts can see source code file in FacTrace source code viewer, to verify each link.

Requirement Elicitation / Traceability Reports (Working partially – Online version)

FacTrace provides easy to understand tabular reports for requirement elicitations and traceability links. Reports can be exported in XML and CSV format. Reports are dynamic, it updates as soon as user make a change in the current project.

Requirement/ Traceability CSV/XML Export (In Progress) User can export all elicited requirements in CSV/XML format.


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