What is Traceability?

Traceability is the degree to which a relationship can be established between two or more products of the development process, especially products having a predecessor-successor or master-subordinate relationship with one another; for example, degree to which the requirements and design of a given software component match (IEEE).


FacTrace, for arteFACT TRACEability, provides several modules that help from traceability recovery to traceability links verification. it aids software engineers in different tasks, namely, requirement elicitation, requirement analysis, artefact traceability, and most importantly for Trust-based traceability. FacTrace has a graphical interface to perform different tasks. It is a research tool, if you need access to its control panel then please contact us.

  • Recover, manage, and perform requirement similarity and variability analysis.
  • Divide recovered links among different software teams to speed up work, with the help of easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Improve productivity by tracking temporal information, such as CSV/SVN, bug reports, mailing lists so on, to automatically update traces.
  • Analyse the software changes impact on software quality.
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